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  • Modern Living Room Floor Lamp (Photograph)
    A torchiere is a type of floor lamp which has an upturned shade, casting light onto the ceiling of a room. The light reflects off the ceiling and effectively lights the entire room. A torchiere uses either fluorescent or halogen light bulbs.
  • Traditional Floor Lamp (Photograph)
    A floor lamp refers to a lighting fixture fixed to the top of a stand, which is stabilized by a heavy base which rests on the floor.
  • Lamp Shade (Photograph)
    An elegant, fringed lamp casts a warm glow, contributing to a comfortable and casual decor. The small, gold lamp is placed on a wooden tabletop, and illuminates the wallpaper behind it. With a flick of the switch, the room will go from light to dark.
  • Modern Library (Photograph)
    A modern library, furnished with wood, metal, and glass, provides the perfect sanctuary for readers. Library tables hold individual white lamps. The silence of the empty library will be replaced by a murmur when patrons arrive to read, study, or work.
  • Brass Lamp (Photograph)
    A brass table lamp with a pleated shade sits on a shiny wooden table. The lamp is illuminated, throwing a warm, half-circular glow on the beige wall behind it. This cozy spot is the perfect place to read, have a cup of tea, or enjoy a conversation.
  • Tiffany Style Lamp (Photograph)
    A glass Tiffany table lamp is photographed on a white background. This antique lamp is a stylish and beautiful way to illuminate a room.
kerosene lamp in a rustic barn
Kerosene Lamp

Lamp News

  • Glass LED Lamp Lamparas Bombillas - CNET
    Glass LED Lamp Lamparas Bombillas
    CNET.  Wed, 22 May 2019 13:18:03 +0000.
  • Car skids and hits bus, taxi and lamp post near Dover MRT, one taken to hospital
    SINGAPORE - A taxi driver was taken to hospital after her vehicle was hit by an out-of-control car near Dover MRT station on Wednesday (May 8).
    Straits Times.  Thu, 09 May 2019 12:21:02 +0800.
  • LAMP instrument sheds light on lunar water movement
    Using the Lyman Alpha Mapping Project (LAMP) aboard NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), scientists have observed water molecules moving around the dayside of the Moon. ...
    Science Daily.  Fri, 08 Mar 2019 13:33:52 EST.

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