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  • Jewelers
    Jewelers use wood, metals, leather, beads, gems, and stones to design necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. Learn more about careers in jewelry making with this helpful article.
  • Baseball Glove (Illustration)
    Baseball is one of the most popular American sports to watch and to play, and adults and children of all ages participate in recreational leagues or spontaneous backyard baseball games. This photo shows a standard leather baseball glove and baseball.
  • Black Briefcase (Photograph)
    Briefcases provide an efficient way to organize and transport papers and come in a wide variety of styles and materials. This black leather briefcase is accordion-style and features a handle and fold-over metal clasp.
  • Cowboy Boots (Photograph)
    These rows of cowboy boots are all arranged by size. Stores dedicated to western wear provide a wide variety of cowboy boot styles and sizes, and may be able to special order sizes that are not in stock.
  • English Saddle (Photograph)
    A dark leather English saddle sits on a red saddle tree mounted on the wall of a tack room. A white saddle pad separates the saddle from the metal tree. A brass nameplate on the back of the saddle indicates its owner.
  • Red Motorcycle (Photograph)
    This motorcyclist rides a red sports bike, leaning into a sharp turn. In addition to a helmet and leather jacket, he is also wearing leather pants with knee sliders and armored gloves for safety.
  • Western Cowboy Boot (Photograph)
    A western cowboy boot is photographed on a white background. The boot is made of shiny black leather, with an intricate design tooled into the upper. Western boots are worn by both cowboys and cowgirls.
leather patchwork with random shapes
Brown Leather Patchwork

Recent Leather News

  • Jussie Smollett returns to the BET Awards
    Disgraced Empire actor Jussie Smollett returned to the red carpet on Sunday donning a tan jacket with baggy brown pants reaching below his heels and black leather shoes.
    Daily Mail.  Monday, 27 Jun 2022 06:27:00 GMT.
  • Visit this leather news page for more extensive news coverage.

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